Erection Works

Erection of structural steelwork consists of the assembly of fabricated steel components and installation, alignment of the assembled component in position with due regard to quality and safety.

Erection WorksThe processes involve lifting and placing components into position, then connecting them together - generally using bolting but sometimes using site welding. The assembled frame needs to be aligned before bolting up is completed. Often the ability to complete these processes safely, quickly and economically is influenced significantly by early decisions made before erection commences.

EPCAR erects or supervises erection work performed at some of it’s projects where it is involved in the steel fabrication works.

Erection work supervision (supervision of the erecting process) is carried out by the Company’s erection supervisors.The personnel of the company directly handling the erection work are given the professional engineering advice, explanations and recommendations on all current issues arising while the erection is performed.

Continuous in-process quality control is implemented throughout all work operations thus assuring high performance standards and work efficiency.

Safe erection procedures are very important.

Safety is a crucial consideration during steel erection and the staff of EPCAR are fully trained in all aspects of safety procedures to be followed at erection sites. Safety regulations lay down mandatory requirements regarding the provision of equipment and arrangements to minimize the risk of an accident.